Ultimate Detailer

Tired of not getting the best results from the products you are using to detail your vehicle. Look no further, here at Platinum Auto Products LTD we have the ultimate quick fix, Platinum Detailer! This product is the quickest and easiest way to visually improve your car’s appearance between washes. Using hydrophobic paint care technology this advanced quick detailer allows you to restore, protect and boost your car’s shine with minimal effort. A great time saving product!


All you have to do is start at the top and make your way down, mist the spray over a small section of a panel, Spread the detailer around gently with one side of a polishing cloth (folded 4 ways), Quickly turn the dry side and gently remove the spray detailer. Buff the paint in this section to a dry, high shine. Re-fold your towel to expose a clean, dry side ready to start a new section. And you’re done detailing!
The benefits:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Produces a silky smooth and gloss finish
  • Leaves a refreshing grape fragrance
  • A water beading effect that can be seen up to 12 weeks with regular washing
  • Safe to use on all external paintwork, glass, metal and plastics and most interior surfaces

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